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    A) The lectures added significant value to the course material

    B) The lecturer took the time needed to explain the key concepts

    C) The lectures included valuable contributions from the other students in the class

    D) The lecturer was helpful and ready to answer questions

    E) The exercises helped me to understand the topics covered in the lectures

    F) The lecturer or teaching assistant was knowledgeable and encouraging

    G) Help was available – from the lecturer or tutor – when I needed it

    H) Issues raised were adequately addressed – through model solutions or discussion

    I) I think that the techniques taught during the course will be valuable to me in the future

    J) The course was well constructed: the various components worked well together

    K) The course material was appropriate, and of good quality

    L) The course administration was efficient and effective

    M) I liked the schedule of the module

    N) I liked the real-time and interactive style of delivery, in contrast to pre-recorded lectures

    O) I found that it was easy to engage with the lecturer and the class

    P) For the practical exercises, I preferred working in small groups

    R) I would like to see more virtual modules along side in person modules in the future

    S) I prefer in person modules

    T) Please give any further feedback about the module.